Recent Acquisition

Toledo Steel Furniture Typewriter Desk

The Museum received this typewriter desk from Mike Lebaron.  The following information comes from him

“This typewriter desk was probably originally purchased in the early 1920’s in Denver, Colorado by John and Anna Hayes, my maternal grandparents. John Hayes was a Civil Engineer doing irrigation projects in Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho. Anna (Hansen) Hayes was born in 1886 in what is now Twin Falls County, Idaho. She graduated from the Albion Normal School (a teachers school) in Albion, Idaho and married John Hayes in 1904 in Twin Falls, Idaho. The town of Twin Falls was platted and the original town survey done by my grandfather John Hayes in 1904 when the Twin Falls Irrigation Project was under construction in south central Idaho. The desk would have been moved from Denver to Twin Falls, Idaho in the late 1920’s. I acquired it when my grandmother moved from a house to an apartment in the 1960’s. It has moved with me from Idaho to Colorado to Texas to North Carolina.”

Toledo Steel Furniture Typewriter Desk 1

Toledo Steel Furniture Typewriter Desk 2