Mooresville Museum Annex at Main St. Antiques & Design

In an effort to attract more visitors to the Mooresville Museum, Main St. Antiques & Design Gallery will now feature an annex dedicated to the keeper of the town’s history.

The annex opened Monday, May 1 and includes a variety of displays of historic Mooresville artifacts, including high school memorabilia from Mooresville High School.

“Main St. wanted to make ties with the community, and what better way to do that than with the presence of the local museum,” said Rex Butler, manager of Main St.  “NOWOur business is based on older stuff, so it fits into our theme. It felt like a no-brainer.”

 Museum president David Whitlow struck up a friendship with Butler, and that’s when the idea of collaborating came about. Whitlow was especially impressed with Butler’s collection of African-American history.