Board of Directors, Officers, Committee Responsibilites

Directors and Officers

  • David Whitlow, President
  • Vacant, Vice-President
  • Joyce Templeton, Treasurer
  • Lynda Robinson, Secretary
  • Mitch Abraham
  • Alan Bradford
  • Mike Cook
  • Elizabeth Gibson
  • Sandy Mayhew
  • Rod Powell
  • John Sparrow
  • Chris Stonestreet
Committee Responsibilities
  • Sandy Mayhew, Volunteers
  • Mary Morrow, Oral History Project
  • John Sparrow, Membership and Collection (includes exhibits and cataloging)
  • John Streb, Webpage
  • Vacant, Publicity and Programs and Facebook Editor
  • David Whitlow, Facebook Administrator
  • Wayne Whitlow, Collection (includes exhibits and cataloging)

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